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Episode 61

Million Dollar Mentors

Build a million dollar business by hiring a mentor

You’ve heard us talk about mentors on the podcast before and the value that they bring, but have you invested in one yourself? Perhaps you think that there are so many resources available that this is an unnecessary expense, but the truth is, what works for one entrepreneur does not necessarily work for another. Your journey is your own, and I share in this episode how my “first pick” mentor turned out to not be the one who helped me get to where I am today.

I know what you’re thinking, “Lisa, I listen to your podcast and I’m an avid reader. I don’t need a mentor” (Which is fantastic, thank you!).  In this episode, I’m going to explain why that isn’t going to work out the way you think it should. The reason for that is that we read books to learn information instead of gaining insights that we can implement.

In this episode I want to help you realize that you’re not alone on your journey, there are many others who are not “there yet” either. You are an inspiration to others, whether you realize it or not. I’m ready to get started, and if you are too, press play and let’s do this!

What’s in This Episode

  • Investing in tactics over strategy
  • Finding a mentor whose values align with yours
  • Scarcity mindset vs. abundance mindset
  • Change is uncomfortable but necessary for growth
  • Assessing risk before investing big
  • The one thing that is  holding you back in your business

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Up Next

Next week for episode 62, Mimi Dew, the president and founder of Dew Wealth Management, joins the conversation and shares how their unique business model helps elite entrepreneurs build sustainable wealth.

Books Mentioned in This Episode

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Founder and CEO of the Lisa Larter Group, master strategist, author, speaker, podcast host, social media expert, consultant, and business coach. Lisa inspires entrepreneurs and business owners to see the possibilities for their organizations when it comes to strategy. She uncomplicates modern marketing and creates (and implements) strategies for businesses that are guaranteed to increase visibility, inbound leads, and revenue.

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