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Episode 142

Energetic Alignment For Business with Makhosi

Flow, Energy Audits, and Business Alignment

Feeling the familiar tug of work draining your energy? Buckle up because, in this episode of She Talks Business, the limitations that you have in your mind are about to shatter. This episode’s special guest, Makhosi, is a 7-figure entrepreneur, leader, and spiritual high-performance coach. 

After listening to this episode, you’ll feel empowered and equipped with unconventional wisdom to align your energy with your business ventures.

Embrace Unconventional Learning

Challenge yourself to reimagine learning beyond the traditional education that you may have experienced. Makoshi carved her path in her learning, prioritizing self-discovery over the traditional college route. She even broke the norms for her son with the decision to homeschool when she noticed he thrived from a learning style different from hers. This challenge created a path of exploration and growth for her and her business.

Owning Your Worth

Let’s talk about self-worth and pricing. Do you ever feel the insidious connection between the two holding you back from charging what you’re truly worth? This is a common yet harmful mindset. In this conversation, you’ll learn to uncouple your value from the price tag and embrace a mindset shift that empowers you to charge confidently based on the impact you deliver.

Energy Alignment

Ignore the generic “one-size-fits-all” success formulas and the comparison trap. There’s power in aligning your business with your energy. Practical strategies like energy audits and human design help you tap into your unique flow and navigate business with intention.

The journey toward a business that aligns with you starts with tuning in now. Dive into the full episode of She Talks Business with Makhosi, and you’ll discover the untapped power within you.

What’s in This Episode

  • Strategies to align your work with your well-being and create a business that energizes, not drains you.
  • Inspire to explore alternative learning paths and discover approaches that resonate with your unique nature.
  • Empowerment to define success on your terms, breaking free from limitations, and embracing your authentic vision.

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Next week you’ll hear from the amazing Chris Kolenda!

Energetic Alignment For Business

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