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Episode 140

Cycle Synching with Mackenzie St. Laurent

Understanding Your Cycle, Managing Symptoms, and Thriving

Welcome to another episode of She Talks Business. In this episode, my special guest, Mackenzie St. Laurent, a menstrual wellness counselor and young entrepreneur, joins in to share how she helps women understand and manage their menstrual health from a holistic perspective.

Shifting the Narrative

Historically, there has been a lack of options when addressing menstrual issues. In our world today, having a holistic approach and an alternative view allows you to have a deeper understanding of the menstrual cycle as an integral part of your overall health.

Understanding the Cycle and Symptom Management

There are different mechanics of the menstrual cycle, which has four distinct phases. These four phases are the menstrual, follicular, ovulation, and luteal phase. You may have heard of a practice called “cycle syncing” that informs your self-care, movement, and nutrition choices. This gives you signs to indicate your need for cycle support and management. Severe cramping, emotional disruption, and changes in your bleeding patterns will be some of those signs.

Self-Care and Emotional Well-Being

There’s so much significance in balancing, reflecting, and fully understanding your body. Unpack your feelings and explore them. Regulating your emotions is a huge part of the holistic approach to menstrual wellness. 

Seeking Support and Advocacy

If you’ve ever been diagnosed with menstrual cycle issues, you know the challenges that you face in getting that diagnosis. It takes an average of seven medical practitioners and a decade to receive that diagnosis. 

Practitioners who remain curious, willing to listen, and advocate for their patients and their menstrual health and overall well-being can significantly impact someone’s life. 

If you haven’t yet, listen to the episode to learn how to benefit from a holistic approach to your menstrual health. Understanding and managing your menstrual health is crucial to your overall well-being.

What’s in This Episode

  • Understanding the menstrual cycle and support
  • The significance of balance and allowing others to care for you.
  • Practical approach to cycle syncing and education
  • Understanding one’s body, making informed decisions, and seeking support through coaching programs

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Cycle Synching

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