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Cultivating A Mindset Of Worthiness & Receiving in Business

Imagine you are going to the home of someone really special for dinner. I mean really special – like Oprah. You can’t just go to Oprah’s house for dinner empty handed so you ask all of your friends what you should bring.

You research and research only to find out that Oprah’s favourite champagne is Laurent-Perrier Rosé (I’m totally making this up – I don’t know Oprah’s favourite champagne), which is about $100 to $125 per bottle. Laurent-Perrier Rosé is a beautiful pink champagne and you go all over the city trying to find a bottle of this champagne. You can’t find it anywhere! You search, and search only to finally find the last bottle in the whole city. You buy it and you wrap it beautifully so you can present it to Oprah.

Arriving at her door, she greets you and you tell her how grateful you are to have been invited for dinner and you present her with this exquisite package. She looks at the gift and says…

“Oh, it’s OK. You can keep that.”

How does that make you feel? Your little heart would be hurt, wouldn’t it?

So what about business? What about when somebody says to you that they want to pay you for your expertise and you say, “Naw, I’m not really that good. Naw, I’m not really worth it.”

Do you do that? Do you ever push things away? When someone pays you a compliment in your business and tells you how awesome you are, do you dismiss it?

If someone is paying you a compliment, you need to receive it. You need to embody it, and say thank you so much.

When someone says they want to pay you for your time and expertise – take the money!

Let people show up and honour what they are trying to give you.

Worthiness starts with you.

If you don’t believe you are worthy of being paid for whatever you do or worthy of charging for the service you offer then you are never going to reach a level of financial affluence or independence. Your own mindset is getting in the way of you accepting that you are worthy to receive.

Pay attention to the stuff you are pushing away.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you do when someone pays you or your business a compliment.


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