Brag or Self Destruct in Business

Brag or Self-Destruct in Business

The Not So Subtle Necessity of Self-Promotion

Growing up, were you ever told that fashion ‘rule’ to never wear white after Labor Day? Well, guess what – in the second week of October and I wore white.

I’m wearing white because it’s time to stop applying the rule to business that we were taught when we were children. It’s time that we start being bolder. It’s time that we start owning our power, owning who we are, and start stepping out into the world.

Can you imagine if I let that inside voice stop me from something as simple as wearing white whenever I feel like it?

If I let that inside voice stop me from re-writing that out-of-date fashion ‘rule’, how on Earth could I overcome it to and step out to create new business? How could I ever talk to you about self-promotion if I’m listening to self-restricting thoughts?

What you believe affects your attitudes.
Your attitudes affect your feelings.
Your feelings affect the actions you are willing to take.

If I had a negative attitude, and I was feeling afraid that someone was going to make fun of me for wearing white after Labor Day, I would feel insecure and take an action opposite of what I actually wanted to do – I’d be wearing black instead of white.

What rules are you following in your business that you need to stop following?

When we were kids, we were taught that old chestnut about not wearing white after Labor Day and we were also taught not to brag or show off. We were told that we didn’t want to be perceived as snobby or better than everyone else. We were taught all of those things and what ended up happening for many of us, is that those lessons stuck.

Too well.

Instead of us tempering bragging with being supportive of others, we simply tried to never brag, never show off, and never act like we’re better at something than other people.

But what if we are?

What if you are the best at what you do in the world?

What if you are better than everyone else that does your thing?

Is it bragging if you are telling the truth?

If you are the best-kept secret in your industry that is your fault. If you expect others to tell the world how great you are, you’re giving away your power. And it might be a long wait for them to take enough action to generate business for you.

You have got to start the movement. Yes, people will tell others how great you and your business are, but that will never happen unless you show up first and share with the world just how great you are at what you do.

You’ve got to show up and own who you are and what you do well. The first sale is to you and if you don’t believe you’re great why should anyone else?

Try this exercise…

Write this down:

I am really great at ___________.
Fill in that blank with three to five things that you are wonderful at in your business and then share that with me in the comments.

And, I want you to repeat those things to yourself, over and over again. Don’t stop there! I also want you to find someone else and share that list with him or her. Tell them that you have been thinking about what you are really great at and then tell them, “Did you know I am really great at __________?”

What are YOU really, really great at?

You have to own what you’re good at and you have to be willing to share that with other people. No one knows what is going on inside of your head, you have to have confidence and show them. Show them by how you present yourself, how you show up, how you behave. You have to dress the part, act the part and talk the part.

Join my Profit Primer group on Facebook and share with us what you are really great at – be loud and proud! If you are really great at something, other people need to know. Do you know why? Because reluctance finishes last.

Reluctance will always finish last because someone else will take that great idea and run with it. You’ll be watching from the sidelines, shattered because that could have been you. Build your confidence, get out there and own what you are good at because nobody else is going to do it for you.

If you are confident in who you are, you own it, AND you take an active interest in other people so it’s not all about “me” your business will take off.



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