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Episode 147

A PR Pro’s Perspective On The Future Of Marketing

Building Brand Credibility in the Digital Age

This week’s episode on She Talks Business is a thought-provoking and insightful conversation with Debbie Lu, you’ll hear about the evolving landscape of business, the impact of AI on marketing, the significance of public relations, and the power of strategic relationships.

Driven by a passion for media, Debbie immigrated to Canada from China to pursue journalism. Despite facing an English language barrier, she hustled throughout her twenties, building a network through internships and mentors. This relentless drive led her from Ottawa to Toronto’s PR scene, proving that hard work and a never-give-up attitude can open doors.

The Power of Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is about managing a brand’s reputation through the media. PR specialists like Debbie handle negative press and craft positive stories to get media coverage, like interviews with CEOs or experts. Unlike marketing, which focuses on sales, PR builds consumer credibility and trust. For small businesses, a PR professional can package your expertise into stories for relevant media outlets, positioning you as a regional business expert.

Traditional vs. Modern Marketing Strategies

Marketing has exploded online, with social media replacing traditional channels like TV. Influencer marketing is huge, allowing brands to partner with trusted online personalities to reach their targeted audiences. Small businesses can leverage this by directly contacting influencers or collaborating with local micro-influencers with engaged followers. The key is building relationships and understanding what resonates with that influencer’s audience. Follower count isn’t everything—look for influencers who can connect with potential customers and drive sales.

Revolutionizing Marketing and Making it Accessible

While traditional media fades, accessible online tools like AI are putting the power of marketing directly in businesses’ hands. This translates to potentially lower costs, with some companies managing marketing in-house. The efficiency and expertise agencies bring are still a draw, especially for larger corporations. By automating tasks and streamlining workflows, AI has the potential to reduce marketing costs significantly. Agencies can complete their tasks faster, allowing them to charge lower retainer fees. This democratization of marketing, fueled by AI, could make sophisticated strategies more accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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What’s in This Episode

  • Harnessing the power of influencer marketing.
  • The rise of AI in marketing.
  • Navigating public relations for small businesses.
  • Embracing the art of selling.

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Where To Find Debbie

You can find Debbie on her website, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Up Next 

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A PR Pro's Perspective On The Future Of Marketing

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