Why Hard Work Wins in Business

Why Hard Work Wins in Business

Avoid the shortcuts.

One early morning, when we were up in Georgia, my husband and I went for a walk in the neighborhood we were staying in. It was a hilly area, so the walk was a good workout and really made my glutes sing.

We were coming down a hill, and I suggested instead of walking up the next hill, we take a right and walk down a different road. I suspected this road was going to be a bit easier to walk.

We turned right and walked for about five minutes, and then I saw it:

The biggest hill in the community.

What I expected to be a shortcut ended up making me work much harder than I anticipated.

Can you relate?

In business, it’s easy to look for shortcuts. The course that promises you millions, the content creator you think can actually replicate your voice, the paid ads in lieu of showing up…

It goes on and on.

The truth is the best results in life come from putting in extraordinary effort. You don’t get strong by hiring a personal trainer to work out for you, and you can’t grow your business if you abdicate responsibility to someone else.

Next time you see a potential shortcut on the horizon, ask yourself, is it really worth it? Or are you perhaps doing like I did and making a decision that will literally be a pain in your ass!

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