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The Oink and Moo

We are up in North Georgia for the summer, and on the weekend, I stopped by a local butcher called The Oink and Moo. ( https://theoinkandmooellijay.com )

The minute I walked in, I was in foodie heaven. Can you say bourbon, maple, peach breakfast sausage? How about the largest beef short ribs I’ve ever seen? 

After declaring my foodie love, I was invited to come behind the counter to see something special. Something I’ve never seen in a butcher shop before. 

There on the counter was the most beautiful piece of meat you’ve ever seen. It didn’t resemble any beef I’d purchased before because it was an A-5 Japanese Wagyu striploin. 

While I knew this was going to be priced at a premium, how can one say no to a fresh cut of one of the most prized pieces of beef in the world? 

Well, if you’re a carnivore and you love amazing food, you can’t. 

Suffice to say, I spent the better part of Sunday watching videos and reading about how to cook this exquisite steak so I could be certain that it was cooked to perfection. 

Here’s what I learned:

  • You don’t season this type of meat. You lightly salt it, and that is all.  
  • You don’t usually cook it on a grill because the fat renders so fast, you can ruin your steak. Instead, you cook it in a pan. 
  • You let it come up to room temperature before you start cooking, and you should turn the meat every 20 seconds or so to ensure a perfect sear on both sides.
  • You want to eat this anywhere from rare ro medium. Cooking it too long renders too much of the fat and causes you to lose the delicious buttery flavor that makes this the best steak you’ve ever had. 
  • While there are many forms of Wagyu, there is only one Japanese A-5 and it comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

Here’s the lesson:

This was a good investment in dinner. A-5 Japanese Wagyu is $139 USD a pound. When you make a significant investment in anything, you want to take it seriously. 

Like your business. 

When you invest in a coaching program, event, or course, you want to ask yourself what experience you want to have that is different from what you’re having right now. And then ask yourself, how do you need to show up to ensure the outcome is what you’re expecting? 

If I had treated this steak the same way I cook a beef tenderloin, I would have ruined it. 

I knew it was special and took the time to do some research to ensure that the culinary experience we had was top notch. A little bit of time and effort to ensure a stellar experience goes a long way in life. 

It goes a long way in your business too. 

Don’t leave your business success to chance. You have more power and control over the outcomes you seek than you realize. 

Put in the effort. You’re worth it, so is your business and your customers.

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