Alan Weiss The Million Dollar Maverick

Alan Weiss Interview: The Million Dollar Maverick

Every so often the universe puts the right people in front of us – this happened to me in 2015 when I met Alan Weiss, who is now my coaching mentor.

If you have not heard of Alan Weiss before, he is best known for his work in the book Million Dollar Consulting, as well as Million Dollar Coaching.

Alan has a new book coming out called The Million Dollar Maverick, and I was delighted to have an opportunity to interview him about business and success. The concepts in this book are invaluable to entrepreneurs! Alan shares his thoughts about conformity, perfectionism, vulnerability, confidence, having an abundance mentality, and how that could change your life – The Million Dollar Maverick approach.

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Alan Weiss Interview: The Million Dollar Maverick

Alan Weiss has a classic entrepreneurial tale that many of us can relate too – he had an experience working for someone else that forever changed how he saw is life path. He wanted to be in control of his own destiny and in 1985 he started his own company and has never looked back. With 64 books, and having worked in 6 countries, his niche in the world of solo consulting and in boutique consulting serves him well – and is also wonderful for those of us fortunate enough to work with him and learn from him.

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In this interview Alan shares what entrepreneurs can do to get over their fear of failure, advice for business owners who are struggling to reach the next level, and why an abundance mentality is not about how much money you make. Watch the video above for an opportunity to learn from one of the most respected and sought after consultants, speakers, and coaches I know.

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4 thoughts on “Alan Weiss Interview: The Million Dollar Maverick”

  1. Watched this interview… These 30 minutes were some of the best use of my time today, so far. Thanks Lisa for sharing this with us and thanks to Alan for sharing his wisdom and knowledge. His “jokes” in his subtle style put smile on my face a couple of times during the interview

  2. Enjoyable content, as usual Lisa. A great use of my “me time” today! I think Success really is not one point in time, but a mindset that gives us the ability to shape how we spend our days, doing what with whom, and where we use our valuable life energy.

    Good video!

  3. Dear Lisa & Alan,

    Thank for this really insightful ‘Shop Talk’ interview.

    I really like the combination of your approaches to overcoming wealth issues; while we have to embrace feeling comfortable with upgrading our lifestyle so that we can move on and ‘shut the door’, as Alan proposed, we (Entrepreneurs / Business owners) shall initially build a solid financial base to put food on the table, which is at times easier said than done!

  4. Tangie Barkley Robinson

    Lisa, this interview with Alan Weiss was outstanding. The content and interviews you provide to our community – Pilot to Profit Success is awesome.

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