Do you have what it takes?

I sit here on a Sunday night and watch America’s Got Talent.

I am moved by the number of people who have courage – courage to get up on a stage in front of thousands (millions on TV) and compete for so much more than a million dollar prize.

They compete for an opportunity to do that thing that makes them unique, they compete for validation – for someone to say “Yes you are good”.

I am struck by the struggle – and mostly by the courage.

I have worked with hundreds of people in my life whether it is in my retail career, my store or my consulting business.  People who have many opportunities in front of them yet lack the courage to take a step forward.

I watched Turf tonight, and he moved me to tears.  Homeless, passionate, and hard working.  Hard working on his personal craft – and what a gift it was to see him take the stage and inspire millions of people.

At the end what does he have to say? His message is for every kid out there with a dream. “Don’t give up.”

We can all learn from Turf. Don’t give up on your dream.

It doesn’t matter what it is.  The internet and social media has changed the game.  You can make your dreams come true today in ways that were never imaginable even ten years ago.

Watch this video my friend, be inspired, take a moment and think – what is that thing you really, really want and then ask yourself, what is the first step?

Find your courage and take the first step – you can do this. You’ve got this – it’s your life and not only can you do it, you deserve it.



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