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Consistent Content: The Key to Marketing Success

People always ask me what they can do to improve their marketing so they can generate more leads, close more sales, and distribute consistent content. They’re on the hunt for the magic formula, the special funnel, and the perfect trick that will turn their business into a well-oiled cash machine.

Successful People Produce Consistent Content

But here’s the truth: it’s not rocket science. Take Alan Weiss, for example. Together, we wrote the book Masterful Marketing, and Alan knows a thing or two about producing consistent content and marketing full-throttle. He jokes that he prioritizes volume over accuracy, and isn’t paralyzed by analysis. He is confident in what he shares and doesn’t care what other people think.

Alan Weiss dominates the online public square and takes action to create consistent content more than anyone I know.

  • He publishes a blog post a day—sometimes two.
  • He creates a video a day called A Minute With Alan.
  • He puts out a new podcast every week.
  • He sends out a weekly newsletter, three or four monthly publications, and the odd promotional
  • He produces a weekly cartoon.
  • He has a monthly video series called Writing on the Wall.
  • He publishes 3-4 books a year.

He distributes all this information on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Not including his books, this accounts for almost 60 pieces of new content demonstrating his thought leadership on a monthly basis.

How about you?

The average person I see marketing online releases one blog and one newsletter with the same content each week.

If you’re wondering why your business isn’t thriving, it’s likely because you’ve fallen into the trap of thinking it should be easy and you’ve started emulating what less successful people do. The next time you wonder, “What can I do to attract more business?” consider looking at some other folks who are wildly successful and look at what they do on a regular basis to produce consistent content; folks like Alan Weiss, Colleen Francis, Jereshia Hawk, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Don’t think that age or experience holds you back. This group spans from millennials to boomers so your age isn’t an excuse.

If you pay attention to what they do, you’ll see they have 3 things in common:

Consistent Content: Key to Marketing Success. Chart of three sections overlapping one another. Powerful body of work, style that resonates with the buyer, and great confidence.

  1. A personality that resonates with others.
  2. A body of work that provides their audience with tremendous value.
  3. Unwavering self-confidence and belief in what they do.

This is the perfect trifecta when it comes to marketing.  You need all three if you want your marketing to be a success.  Now is not the time to be a wallflower who is a best kept secret while trying to sort out your imposter syndrome.  Now is the time to let your personality shine, share and showcase your work, and believe in yourself like never before.


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