Building Rapport is the Key to More Sales


Selling more products and services is easy…

IF you know HOW to sell.

I’ve never met a business owner that said to me, “Lisa, I wish business would slow down. I’m just selling way too much.

It’s always, “Lisa, how do I sell more? What am I missing?

Do you have great content, an amazing product, a solid marketing plan, and a superstar strategy but you still aren’t increasing sales?

You’re probably like most entrepreneurs. You know your business, you know your product, BUT nobody ever taught you how to sell.

This Shop Talk series is all about helping you learn what you need to know so you can close more business and make more money. <—Click to Tweet

And in this first video, you’ll learn about something we spend a lot of time focusing on in The Sales Pilot. It’s one of the most important keys to more sales…Building Rapport.


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