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A Super Bowl Mindset

A good friend of mine used to play professional football. He played in two Super Bowl games and I recently asked him a question about what it feels like to play in front of such a large crowd and how he overcame feeling nervous.

What he said might surprise you.

He said, “Lisa, it’s no different than when you speak. You might feel nervous before you get on stage but once you start, the nervousness goes away because you’re a pro.”

I asked him if he ever felt fear when he was playing in front of all those people.

He explained that there is no place for fear on the field. The mindset of a professional athlete isn’t to fear what might happen but rather to focus on the outcome they desire.

Focus on winning, not on the fear of losing.

A parallel mindset in entrepreneurship

Those who fail to show up to practice and do the things that set them up for success on the field never make it to the Super Bowl.

Those who focus on what they are afraid of instead of what they desire rarely win at the game of business.

If you were to get honest with yourself right now, could you say you are able to put fear to the side and focus on what you want the most?

Could you say that you’re committed to doing the day-to-day activities that will ensure you’re a winning entrepreneur?

Being an athlete who makes it to the Super Bowl more than once says something about your capabilities, commitment, and skill. You don’t get there by accident, you get there through remarkable self-discipline and a dedicated work ethic.

The same is true in business, you have way more power and control over the outcomes you desire than you realize.

I challenge you to consider what you’re really capable of if you set your fears aside and double down on the activities that can help you focus on winning.


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  1. Great blog post Lisa. I like the sports analogy obviously. I do need to put my fear of success aside and focus on what I want. Thanks for the reminder.

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