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Would you like me to speak at your next event?

Are you looking for a speaker that can inspire your audience and get them fully engaged on social media talking about your event and what they experienced?

When I speak at an event, it usually takes me hours to read and respond to all of the tweets I receive from the audience. I have to admit that I have been told that I was someone’s “favourite” speaker a number of times and that makes me feel great because I put a lot of time, effort and preparation into my talks so that your event is a huge success.

I love to speak at live events because it gives me the opportunity to deliver a powerful message as well as connect with the audience in person and on social media. There is nothing more satisfying than sharing how to utilize the power of social media marketing to expand your reach, connect with the right audience and increase your business sales and profits.

I am as comfortable delivering a keynote to a large audience as I am a workshop to a small group of people.

People tell me that they love my talks because I have a knack for breaking down complex ideas so that everyone understands and is able to take away new skills and ideas from the talk.

I have spoken on stages for Arielle Ford, Christine Kane, Peggy McColl and I have spoken on the main stage and conducted break out sessions for larger events such as the eWomenNetwork International Conference and Expo, and Social Media Camp, Canada’s largest Social Media conference.

You will then receive an information pack, including fees, headshot, bio and a link to my calendar so we can chat about whether I am the right fit.

I will need to know these things from you:


Size of audience


Topic you had in mind


Location and speaker budget


Is this a sell from the stage event?

In case you were wondering, I am not a fan of selling from the stage, I prefer to show up and educate, entertain and engage the audience.

I get that it’s hard to select a speaker for your event if you have never seen them live before. here are a couple of videos of me and some talks that will give you an idea of my personality and skill when it comes to delivering a powerful message.