Patty Searl Shares Why She Chose The Pilot Project for Her Direct Selling Business

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Patty Searl has a big vision for her direct sales business. She wants to help women succeed both in the world of business and in their personal lives and inspires hundreds to do so through her coaching and community outreach.

Her home based business as a Stella & Dot Jewelry and Accessories Representative allows her to be a leader, an involved Mom and so much more. It is from these successes that she finds the fuel and passion to overcome any obstacle and achieve even more.

Her determination was evident throughout her participation in The Pilot Project where she found the tools, knowledge and community she needed to propel her business forward.

Recently, Patty shared why she chose the Pilot Project and what it has done for her business:

Why did you decide to participate in The Pilot Project?

“The timing and the content was exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level. While I had followed Lisa online for a number of years, this program delivered content that I needed to learn to take my business to a heightened state.”

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What was the biggest benefit to your business from participating in this program?

“The biggest benefit was increased leads, bookings and sales. I learned tools to optimize for these.”


Who do you think this program can help the most?

patty“Those who feel like they have tried all they can and MUST learn and collaborate with others to learn new strategies and optimize other tools which they would not have otherwise known.”

Can you describe the learning style of The Pilot Project and what resonated the most with you?

“The Course Style was perfect, with a private Facebook group, weekly lessons emailed out and a community to connect with and ask questions as needed.”


How important do you think the information is for business owners and why?

“The content is perfect for those starting up, and those who already run successful, even mulit-million dollar companies, because the information is new, modern and looks at an innovative approach which Lisa Larter is known for. She is a social media guru and she shares how to optimize that medium.”

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There are a LOT of programs out there, can you describe what makes this one different to help other people with their own selection process from your point of view?

“This program is different and I am a testament to its effectiveness. I have proceeded alone for a long time, and then finally going through this program step-by-step, I was able to triple my income, increase my pipeline of leads, and learned how to use other tools which are simple and easy to implement, allowing me to work smart hours and plan into the proceeding weeks and months, and more recently looking at an annual plan. The bottom line matters, look at the numbers and know them, while looking ahead and planning. Resulting in increased sales, increased income, increased leads, and a community full of new friends, contacts, and team mates whom to are there to help and share. “


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