Kate Gardner on How The Pilot Project Helped Her Business Skyrocket to Success

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In less than a year Kate Gardner has gone from a struggling business owner to success as an Empowerment Coach and #1 International Best Selling Author.

She strives to motivate and empower women so that they can uncover their purpose in life by raising their self-esteem and self-confidence to new levels and give them the tools they need to push past fears to victory.

Having worked with many business women, Kate was acutely aware of what it takes to run a successful business and as soon as she began her online business she knew she needed help. That’s where The Pilot Project came in. Using the systems she learned and put into place immediately, she went from zero income to a profitable business in a very short time.

This is Kate’s story of how The Pilot Project helped her business:

Why did you decide to participate in The Pilot Project?

“At the time I seriously needed direction because I had just started out in online business. I had an offline business that I ran successfully for 9 years. Then I made the leap to the online business world. Nothing had prepared me for what I was about to experience.”

“I went from a great income to zero income almost overnight. I remembered thinking to myself “What the heck have I done to my family?” I have now placed them in financial hardship! Then, I noticed a post of Lisa Larter’s one day and she was explaining about a new program that she was releasing. It was a very affordable program, jam packed full of value that could really turn your business right side up. “

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What was the biggest benefit to your business from participating in this program?

“The biggest benefits were the systems that Lisa shared in the program. So many people set out in the online business world with no systems in place, this then confuses the business owner, and if you are confused as a business owner then your seriously going to confuse your followers, because it will project out of you in your posts, website and where ever else you advertise your services.”

“Lisa provides you with the systems she uses in her own business and these systems can then be used by yourself.  Lisa’s systems can seriously clear the fog that’s drowned you in the past.”


Who do you think this program can help the most?

kate gardner - lisa larter - pilot project“Anyone with any type of business, because it will clarify things for you! Clarity is a huge thing in business and so is organization, without these two things then you may as well give up your business and shut your doors. The Pilot Project provides you with the systems and tools you need to be organized and clear. Which this for you is a god send and strengthens your confidence in running an online business.”

Can you describe the learning style of The Pilot Project and what resonated the most with you?

“The learning style of The Pilot Project is clear, simple and easy to follow. It gives you step-by-step instructions in a weekly email of what to do and how to incorporate the steps into your business. You also receive spreadsheets that are actually used by Lisa herself. This is a great program to keep things simple and straight forward to learn. I myself can get confused easily, so this was perfect for me to understand clearly.”


How important do you think the information is for business owners and why?

“EXTREMELY important!… Let’s put it this way. My business was not earning a bean before I set out on The Pilot Project. Now, I have a very profitable business and I became a #1 International Best Selling Author on Monday Dec 9th, 2013!”

“I used all of Lisa’s systems that were included in The Pilot Project within my online business, book projects, and book launches. So, the results speak for themselves.”

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There are a LOT of programs out there, can you describe what makes this one different to help other people with their own selection process from your point of view?

“There are two types of programs sold out there to the world:

  1. People who sell you crap that will not provide you with the service and systems you need to move forward fast. They will just hound you to buy their programs at $197 or 2 x payments of $98.00, only to leave you completely dis-hearted and no better of then when you started. This is people selling from their ego, who don’t give two hoots about your business, and just want to line their pockets with your hard earned cash.
  2. Then there is the other group of people in the world that work from their hearts. They offer systems that will help you get to exactly where you want to be in your business. They tell you all the mistakes they made and “What Not To Do” because they care about you and want you to be a success, so much so, they share their own systems and give you step by step instructions how to incorporate them into your business.

My advice is to go with The Pilot Project because Lisa is in the 2nd group. She really cares and wants to see you shine!”


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