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Prior to becoming a photographer, Christine Tripp took Business Marketing in college, knowing that she would someday own her own business and need those skills.

Fast forward to today and you’ll find that Christine is a successful business owner at Tripp Photography with an eye for the perfect shot, the patient nature required for newborn photography, and uncanny timing that makes her wedding and event photos second to none.

All of these qualities are great for photography but Christine knew she needed a different kind of skill set to lead her team and manage their projects. And, what she learned in her college classes was a bit dated.

In order to achieve the goals she had set for her business, she needed a quick start program that would give her not only the what and why but also the how to run a successful business. Christine chose The Pilot Project because it was everything she needed, all rolled into one 10-week course.

Here is Christine’s take on her Pilot Project experience:

Why did you decide to participate in The Pilot Project?

“I was working in the day-to-day part of my business for too long, without taking the time to take a good look at the “business” side of the business.  I knew from my past experiences with Lisa that she would provide a course that was to the point and informative.”

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What was the biggest benefit to your business from participating in this program?

“By having a clear understanding of what I am capable of doing, I have realised that my time is valuable, and I should be appreciated and compensated properly. Also, for odd-jobs that are not income earners, I should be outsourcing the workload to others who are better skilled in those areas, thus opening up my time to focus on the important tasks.”


Who do you think this program can help the most?

lisa-christine-tripp“I think The Pilot Project is very helpful for those who feel “stuck” in their business and want to see growth. If you are just starting your business, this course will set you up for success without having as much trial-and-error work as your competition. If you have been in business for a long time and feel that you are treading water and may never see a “retirement” date, then this course will open your eyes to a new way of doing things, to grow and succeed.

Can you describe the learning style of The Pilot Project and what resonated the most with you?

“The nice thing about this course is that you receive it through email.. so you can work on it in between your regular tasks (but I recommend scheduling time for it). You have the flexibility to do it ‘all in one day’ or to do the homework a bit at a time over the week. It does however require YOU to do the work, research your numbers and fill in the spreadsheets, rather than merely reading a story about ‘how it should be done’, this actually makes you do it. But it also allows you to reach out for help when needed.”


How important do you think the information is for business owners and why?

“Many new start-ups are run by people who have not had formal business training. These days, literally anyone can start a business. There are many passionate people out there who have an incredible skill or have products to sell, however many have not started at the beginning and taken business courses. Many people have a challenge with book-keeping, marketing, tracking, working with employees and so on. Every business needs a proper foundation. Lisa helps you to create yours.”

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There are a LOT of programs out there, can you describe what makes this one different to help other people with their own selection process from your point of view?

“One huge asset of this particular program is that you have access to Lisa when you need it. She has created a private Facebook group where your classmates can post questions, and seek advice. With so many brilliant people who are all at different levels in their business, you will receive a slew of answers, while often times receiving responses from Lisa as well.”


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