When Is "Free" Good?

When Is “Free” Good?

You may have already read my classic post about Why Free is Too Expensive, BUT, did you know there are times when free is GOOD?

The most important “free” content is your opt-in freebie. This is the item you give away for free to anyone who provides their email address and signs up for your list. So, while it may be free – you both get something back from the free offer. They get great free content that helps then in some way, and you get to add them to your email list. But it can’t be just any free content…

We spend a LOT of time on this in The Content Pilot segment of the Pilot To Profit Success System and one of the most important things I share is that when you’re creating your freebie, you have to make sure it’s awesome. Seriously awesome. Remember, this is your first impression and it needs to be good to get people to engage. You can’t just throw something out there that has no value and expect to grow your list with it.

Think about the questions people ask you when they want to “pick your brain” or want “just a moment” of your time. If you can answer those types of questions with your free gift, it’s easy to direct those people to your website to opt-in to your list and get the answer as a gift, instead of giving up your time over and over and over again to answer them individually.

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Check out part three of my classic Shop Talk Content Series below for more and learn how to get started creating your own awesome freebie:


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