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Episode 152

Wellness for Mind, Body, & Business

Heal Your Mind to Heal Your Business

This week, we’re talking with special guest Annie Wright, LMFT, a psychotherapist, about relational trauma and mental wellness and how it affects your business. 

Annie founded and runs Evergreen Counseling, a boutique trauma-informed therapy center in Berkeley, California. There, she practices therapy and oversees a staff of 20 trauma therapists. In addition to her direct clinical work, she runs an online course called Hard Families Good Boundaries. This transformative video-based program helps folks deal more effectively with the difficult family members who may be in their lives—I’m sure we all have some of those. 

She is also a published mental health author, with her opinions appearing in Business Insider, Forbes, NBC, the Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and more. 

Every bit of Annie’s work in the world, her clinical work, the center she founded, the courses she runs, and every article she writes is designed to support ambitious, upwardly mobile women from relational trauma backgrounds.

We talk about mental health, emotional dysregulation, and the importance of business owners having a healthy mental perspective. We even discuss how to recognize when they might need additional support. 

In this episode, Annie and I have a great conversation about relational trauma and how two people can experience the same relational trauma and have two very different experiences and outcomes. We then discuss resilience and what you can do to create more resilience in your life. 

Finally, we wrap up the show by talking about the impact of mobile devices on your mental health. 

I hope you enjoy this episode—I think it’s really important because one of the best things you can do for yourself as a business owner is to really understand your own mental health. 

The more healthy and well you are from a mental health perspective, the better equipped you are to serve your customers, support your team, and take care of yourself.

What’s in This Episode

  • How to identify when you should try therapy 
  • Defining relational trauma and identifying its effects 
  • How to become more resilient 
  • The importance of sleep, limited screen time, and exercise to our mental wellness 

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Where To Find Annie

You can find Annie at her website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and on Youtube

Her course, Hard Families Good Boundaries, can be found here.

Up Next 

Next week, I’ll be sitting and chatting with Kris Plachy.

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