Welcome to my New Site!

Thanks for checking out my new site. I’d love for you to take a quick tour around and let me know what you think of my new setup, new colors & new photos!


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    • I LOVE my new site!!! Thank you and thank you for launching on my birthday, I sooooo appreciate everything you did to create this and make it look so beautiful, I love it!

  1. Since I try to be…a lot like no one else, I wanted to say something different than what all of the others were saying. So, I thought and I thought, and I couldn’t come up with anything different to say. I really like your new website too! As one who has just redone his own website, I know it is a lot harder to achieve than it looks. Congratulations to you and Nathaly both.

  2. I absolutely LOVE the look of your new site~ It looks amazing!

    PS- I made it to Module 10 of WordPress Intensive and you said I’m a superstar! The best part?? I am actually enjoying it!! Thank you :)

    • You just made my day!! Good job making it that far and even better job having fun while learning! Yay you :-) Thanks Nathalie for sharing, look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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