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Seatbelts fastened.

Business dreams in the upright position.

Entrepreneurs, prepare for takeoff.

How do I double my profits this year without doubling the work?

How do these other people command such high fees, and how can I?!

Do I really need to be on ALL of the social media platforms?

Uncover answers to the questions that have kept you stuck, and learn proven strategies to find and turn connections into paying customers. Expect to develop:

  • A stronger money mindset that no longer sabotages your ability to be paid what you’re worth.
  • A clearly defined business model that maximizes what comes in, with less effort put out.
  • Powerful strategies to create content that raises your credibility and puts you on the map.

This book uncovers every step you need on your journey to building a successful, profitable business you love. With Pilot to Profit you’re officially cleared for takeoff.

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“If building a business were easy, everyone would do it! It takes courage, conviction, confidence and a whole lot of hard work to build a successful business – I believe you can do it.”

~ Lisa Larter

Lisa Larter helps businesses navigate modern entrepreneurship to increase sales and profits. Developing strategies to get clear on your business model, understand your numbers, and how to best use social media.

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