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Quickie Version:

Your success story, in 15 seconds…

You: “I want a high-profit business I love, but I’m stuck.”
Me: “I’ve done that in a short time, and I’ll show you exactly how you can too, … for only $497 or 3 equal payments of $197.”
You: {pinching self to make sure this isn’t a dream, getting butt into Pilot to Profit, totally ready for take off}


So you’d love a 6- or 7-figure business?
Bet one of these rings a bell.


  • Fantasize about quitting your 9-5 (or not going back after maternity leave) and starting a booming business — but have no idea where to start.
  • Already started a business, but it’s taking too much time without making the money you want.
  • Sank big bucks into programs where you got stuck — and couldn’t get the personal support to get unstuck.
  • Feel inspired but also icky and jealous when a friend announces she’s had a 5-figure week (or day!)
  • Find yourself all over the place with business advice and different strategies — Should I do Twitter? Webinars? I know, manifesting! — and can’t follow through on any.
  • Want to be your own boss…But also secretly wish you had a boss to get you on the right track – and keep you there.

Am I right? If I am, you’re going to be so thrilled with Pilot to Profit. Not just the price, but the format, the personal attention, and most importantly, the results.

Let everyone else pay a fortune for programs that leave them stuck.

You’ve got hand-in-hand guidance from from someone who walks her talk.

(At a price that will make you shake your bon bon.)


Ridiculously easy, ridiculously affordable

Pilot to Profit is a ridiculously easy and effective way for you to learn how to grow your business – at an affordable cost because I think you (and people in general) are sick and tired of spending big money on programs that overwhelm you with so much to do and offer so little support when you need help.

“Thanks to Lisa Larter’s Pilot Project, this has been the best week in my business EVER. Yesterday was a 10K day…whaaaaa hooooooo!”

~ Jennifer Dawson, Adventures in Organizing

It started as a test. And scored an A++

The original Pilot Project began as just what the name suggests, a pilot. (In the corporate world, a pilot is where you test a concept to see if it works.)

I wanted to see if a simple, affordable, content-rich program delivered in a sequential order, week over week, would work – and it did.

Hundreds of business owners, now fondly referred to as co-pilots, have gone through this program and the others offered in Pilot to Profit and it was an outright SMASH hit, across the board. Everyone loved the easy to follow instructions, the content rich lessons, their level of access to me in the Facebook group, and the camaraderie and smarts they all traded and shared.

Plus, when you join you receive LIFETIME ACCESS to Pilot to Profit.

Tangible, bankable results

Our Co-Pilots have closed 6-figure deals, doubled revenue, even expanded their businesses, and more. These are the kind of results you can achieve too, if you consistently read the emails and take action on them.

“Since I started working with Lisa my sales have quadrupled, no exaggeration!”

~ Jennifer McClanahan-Flint, Food On Our Table

On-the-go format

Every week, you get a lesson in your inbox. You can download it, print it out ,or read it on your device… on the train, at the doctor’s office, at the restaurant bar while you’re waiting for that always-late friend.

There’s nothing to log into in order to read your lesson. No tech required. But, you DO get access to a hub where you will find your lessons backed-up plus spreadsheets, tools, and other resources I use in my own business so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Support, support, support

The Facebook group? I’m all over it. This is where your journey gets REAL. It’s a fantastic community of professionals where filled with incredible wisdom from your fellow co-pilots, of course. But unlike in other programs, I’m also in there myself, answering your tough questions and helping you out when you’re stuck. Why? Because it’s my favorite thing to do.

My mission for this community is for it to be a place where we all commit to the continuous pursuit of excellence in our business and I know you have experience, wisdom, personality and stories of your own that will help others. All it takes is for you to show up daily and serve and support other business owners in the group.

Building a business takes time and when you have a trusted community you can go to when you need help or support, you have a greater chance of succeeding, especially when the going gets tough and you feel like giving up. This will be your go-to place for learning skills to build and grow your business, build relationships, get help with challenges, celebrate victories and find accountability partners to help you on your path.

Everything You Need To Take Flight

Access to an exclusive, pitch-free Facebook Community to get answers to your questions from your peers, my team, and me!

Lifetime Access to Pilot to Profit so you can take flight over and over again anytime you need a refresher for your business.

An easy to consume format PLUS audio so you can access your lessons on the go or from the comfort of your home or office.

BONUS: Instant access to my Know Your Numbers workshop so you start Pilot to Profit knowing exactly where you stand.


Do you agree?


So who am I, already?

And why am I perfect to help you?

I’m Lisa Larter.

Most people know me for my ability to use Social Media, but the truth is, because I understand business and the power of relationships, Social Media is really just a tactic in the bigger picture for me.

When I was a full-time employee with TELUS, I started my first business on the side. It was a gift basket service, which, giving it my weekends and off-the-job hours here and there, I grew to $30,000 a year in sales — and later sold.

In 2006, I walked away from a solid six-figure income, plus bonuses and stock options, and invested $200,000 from my savings to open Parlez Wireless, my own, authorized TELUS Store. Within 12 months of opening, my store was doing over a million dollars a year in sales. I sold this business in November of 2012. Why?

I’d found something I liked doing even more.

In 2008 I started dabbling in my coaching business because business owners were asking me for help with strategy and social media. The first year I went pro, the business did six figures.

Today, that business does over half a million dollars in sales a year and is tracking close to 7 figures in the next 12 months.

You might be thinking, “That’s nice for you, Lisa. But you’re probably a born salesperson and businesswoman. I could never do what you do.”

Trust me. You can do this.

When I opened my store, I suddenly found myself in a pickle. I owed $100K for inventory that I had ordered for the Christmas season and had not yet found a way to sell.

Telling your husband you are afraid you’re going to lose it all doesn’t exactly make for great pillow talk, so I had to do something.

I put my big girl panties on, ate some humble pie and then went about learning everything I needed to about managing cash flow. I negotiated a way to return some of that inventory so I didn’t go under and put systems in place to fanatically track everything in my business.

If I can figure it out, so can you. And don’t let the numbers scare you – all the math you need to know how to do is addition, sub-traction, multiplication, and division.

I think you learned the exact math you need in grade 4 and will be surprised at how quickly applying it to your business changes everything.

Here’s a quick story that’ll show you the kind of thinking you’ll start to do:

What’s your million-dollar bouquet?

You’re probably not a florist, but whether you’re a coach, a chiropractor, a hotel owner, or selling hand-knit mittens, this program will help you find new ways to generate profits that are right in front of you.

Let me explain.

I was hired by a client with a flower shop. It wasn’t doing near as well as she wanted.

I went in, took a look at all the beautiful tulips, hydrangeas, lilies, and roses in the cooler, and knew immediately what was wrong.

“You need bouquets,” I told her. “Not all these separate flowers.”

Here’s why:

Typically, at a flower store, a guy comes by in a last-minute panic to grab something for his lady. He doesn’t know anything about flowers. He doesn’t know which ones will look nice together. So he thinks, “Forget it, I’ll just take her to dinner,” and moves on.

My client thought about it. $20 bouquets, she suggested.

“Nope,” I told her. “Make them $75.”

Certain I was out of my mind, she did it anyway.

And those $75 bouquets went as fast as she could make them. Her profits skyrocketed, she became a margin machine and purchased another flower shop (three times the size of her original one) and is busier and more successful than even she imagined she could be – and she still gets to spend quality time with her family and friends while her amazing team holds down the fort when she’s not there! (I am SUPER proud of her)

My point here, whatever kind of business you have or would like to have, is that I know exactly how to help you find your high-leverage offerings, and how to help you take the controls of your business to generate profits rather than just hoping for them.

Your “bouquet,” once you follow the steps of Pilot to Profit to find it, could be the ticket to big money. Maybe that’s 6 or 7 figures, or whatever income you decide you want to bring in. That’s up to YOU.




Let me explain how this works:

When you become a member of Pilot to Profit, you get access to The original Pilot Project, The Content Pilot AND The Sales Pilot. You also get access to any and all updates for as long as you are a member.

Why all three programs? Because I believe the KEY to your SUCCESS is to build a solid business foundation, content that builds your credibility and that when you understand exactly HOW to sell, YOU become unstoppable.

In addition to all that, you get access to monthly webinars that are JUST for Pilot to Profit members. These will be Live Social Media webinars as well as Live Interviews with Business Experts who can help you GROW your business.

What I have found over the last few years is members of these programs keep coming back to do them over and over again. Why you might be wondering?

Because as your business changes, and your skill develops the materials begin to take on new meaning each time you come back to it. That means over and over, you continue to get bigger and better results.

Building a business takes time. Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed and want to give up.

I don’t want that for you.

I want you to be part of a community where you can get access to support any time so you can continue to build your business and move past any obstacles that get in your way.

Sound good? It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

The Pilot Project

Eight weeks of deep focused training on helping you build a solid business foundation.
  • Define Your Business Model

    Everything you need to know to create a strong foundation for your business, starting with getting CLEAR on your business model.

  • Systems for Sales and Cash Flow

    Learn simple systems you can put in place to track everything from sales to cash-flow.

  • Factory Capacity Model

    How to stop playing small and GROW your business at the rate you choose.

  • Asking for the Money

    The secrets to asking for more money…and GETTING IT

  • Proven Systems You Can Use to Communicate

    Foolproof communication skills so your team exceeds expectations and loves working for you

  • Performance Manage Your Team

    Foolproof communication skills so your team exceeds expectations and loves working for you

  • Set and Manage Expectations

    The key to ending confrontations with employees and clients and how to set expectations that you can manage

  • Keep Your Eye on the Bottom Line Without the Stress

    How to stop obsessing over the bottom line and instead nurture it for more SALES and more PROFITS

“Loving this program because it is not a passive, feel-good look at being an entrepreneur. It is roll your sleeves up, answer the really hard questions, and participate in your own success kind of work!“

~ Tammy Plunkett,

The Content Pilot

Literally everything you need to know about how content builds credibility in your business PLUS interviews with LEADING content experts like John Lee Dumas, Chris Brogan, Sue B. Zimmerman and more!
  • Creating Your Freebie

    My easy formula to creating your freebie so you finally have it done and have a lead magnet to build your list

  • Your Opt-In and Auto Responder

    Everything you need to know to properly setup your opt in box and auto responder

  • How to Create Your Blog Content

    Strategies and tactics for creating a blog post and a plan for continuing this process each week going forward

  • Your Weekly Newsletter and Voice

    Key elements to include in your newsletter and a plan on when to send it and how to get it done

  • Sharing Your Blog and Content on Social Media

    My super easy formula for sharing your blog content on Social Media

  • Article Marketing

    Detailed info on article marketing and how to re-purpose what you create in other places to increase visibility

  • Create an eBook You Can Actually Sell

    How to create an ebook you can actually sell on your website to start making more money

  • Create an eCourse You Can Actually Sell

    One of my best-kept secrets – how to set up an e-course just like the Pilot Project

“I had so many wonderful breakthroughs and it really solidified many things I am already doing and showed me where I need to step it up. RUN, don’t walk, to your computer to sign up!“

~ Debbie Peck, Crush Marketing Group

The Sales Pilot

If you’re trading four quarters for a dollar, you haven’t got a business. Selling is a skill, this is where you learn how to close the deal and put some profit in the bank.
  • Your Money Mindset

    Create the right money mindset every time you enter into a sales discussion so you eliminate the fear you feel

  • How to Sell

    My Proven System of Selling – Key steps you need to understand in order to be able to sell your products and services

  • Value Pricing

    Position the value of what you do so the price doesn’t seem so scary to YOU – Remember, it’s not your potential client who is rationalizing what you charge; It’s YOU!

  • How to Get Customers

    Learn the habits of highly successful sales people to always keep your sales funnel full of people who want to work with you

  • Client Retention

    Nurture your existing base so that you can grow your business AND generate referrals

  • Social Media for Sales

    How to use Social Media to get new customers plain and simple and, it’s probably not what you are thinking

  • Closing the Sale

    What you need to know about timing, sense of urgency and follow through when it comes to closing a sale

  • The Secret Sauce

    How to reduce your rejection rate and get a much higher conversion that will build your confidence level, reputation and customer satisfaction rate

Your weekly module emails will come filled with stories, insights, systems, tools, and more to help you move forward in your business. In fact, our previous participants begged us to send them at 6am on Mondays so they could get a jumpstart on the week.

It’s a unique way of learning business, but not a new way of doing business. It’s proven, tried and true. It’s the foundation YOU need to build your business successfully!

Here is the good news, it’s only $497 for lifetime access!

Pay in full, or make 3 equal payments of $197 per month.

“Since I started the course, my current business is booming. I’ve applied a number of the items we’ve worked on and it’s paying off. Now, I need to hire an assistant to make time to apply what I’ve learned to the new business I’m developing!“

~ Doris Belland, Blue Ribbon RTO

You’re never alone:

Built-in masterminding, accountability, and personal attention

This Facebook group is like no other. It’s a strictly “no-pitch” zone, where you’ll find accountability partners, celebrate your victories, and mastermind with fellow smart people — anytime you need input and advice or get stuck in your business.

When you go through this program, there’s always someone there to help you.

You can submit questions in the group each week and I, Lisa Larter, will answer them personally. Leaders of some of the most high-priced programs out there don’t offer that. Is it time-intensive? You bet. But it’s what I love to do. I LOVE helping you become a success.

“I strongly encourage all who want to stretch outside their box to consider this awesome program. This gives me clarity and ideas not yet discovered!”

~ Aime Hutton, Empowerment Leader, Best Selling Author

Give me LIFETIME ACCESS for a one time payment of $497 OR
3 equal payments of $197


Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be as confident as I am and my clients are that you will get results.

In fact, I am prepared to put up all the risk for you.

If you participate in The Pilot To Profit Program, and you put into practice everything I am teaching you and you don’t get results… I will refund 100% of your investment.

More of What Co-Pilot Alumni are Saying About Their Experience:



Live Social Media and Business Strategy Webinars

Past co-pilots have asked, and I am delivering!

With changes to social media platforms almost weekly these days, it’s not easy to stay up to date on the latest tools and strategies for your business. That is, until now!

As a member of Pilot to Profit, you will have access to regular LIVE webinars to get answers to your burning questions on topics like:

Facebook Pages – Why likes are still important and how to create engaging content to get your audience talking

Facebook Ads – How to spend a little and get a LOT in return

Periscope – The hottest new trend in social media and how you can use it to generate leads for your business

LinkedIn – Why this is one of the most powerful social platforms you can use for your business

Twitter – How to navigate this popular platform to get past all the noise and get down to business

These are just some examples of topics we will be covering as these webinars will be dictated by our community and what members like you need to know at the time.


Online Marketing Quickstart Bundle ($497 Value)

Increase Your Visibility and Get Found By More People with this Online Marketing Quick Start Bundle!

Everything you need to know about starting your online business, pricing your products, packages and programs, building your list and leveraging email marketing to increase sales and profits.

Here’s what’s included:

  • The Online Business Model – You’ll learn what you need to get started, the 8 steps to building a business that makes money online, business measurements that build wealth and 5 ways social media supports the online business model. PLUS – I’m going to teach you the secrets I wish I had known when I started!
  • Products Packages and Programs – Get the secrets to creating a six or even seven figure business using products, packages and programs! First, you’ll discover how to get in the six and seven figure mindset, next I share my scalable formula that works with any sales goal, then the 7 ways to create your own products, packages and programs to increase sales, plus a marketing plan to make it all work!
  • List Building to Grow Your Net Worth – You’re going to learn the real value of your list, exactly what you need to get started building yours, the tactics that work when building your list (and some that don’t) and even how to use speaking engagements to build your list!
  • Email Marketing for Your Business – There are many ways to engage with your prospects and customers but none quite as effective as Email Marketing. But, before you get started there are a few decisions to be made and this program will help you make the best choices for your business. You’ll more easily be able to choose what email marketing tool to use, who will manage it, and Sales and Marketing secrets for email!


Know Your Numbers ($197 Value)

Being able to measure things in your business just may be the most important skill you can have as a business owner.

Understanding the numbers will give you clarity around what is and isn’t working in your business and help you to make changes and plan. It’s like a window looking into the future!

In this workshop I’ll share with you:

  • My proven 5-Step Sales Process that you can use to generate a return on your investment using social media
  • Best practices for time tracking and planning that you can use to save time and be more efficient
  • My secrets for making Content Creation super easy
  • How you can apply all of these skills to your business to make more money

PLUS I’m going to give you FIVE of the tools that I use every single day in my business to help you track and measure your numbers, including:

  • Cash Flow Model Spreadsheet
  • Sales & Forecasting Spreadsheet
  • Sales Tracker
  • Social Media Stat Tracker
  • Cashflow Planning Spreadsheet



Creating Your Own Social Media Content Management Plan and Get Results for Your Business With Online Marketing ($54 Value)

Get Results for Your Business With Online Marketing:

There is nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars on a new website, having an amazing idea for a new online business that you are super passionate about only to find that the person who built your website and charged you a ton of money built it on an old platform, one that you can’t easily modify and doesn’t convert leads or any business.

Before you start, read this book!

You’ll Learn:

  • How to build an online business model that will help you go from zero to sales.
  • The three simple secrets (and yes there are things no one else tells you) to create online business success.
  • The critical steps you need to follow to identify, find and connect with your clients because if you are unable to connect with them, how are they going to buy?
  • How to create a communication plan that works because online copy is everything
  • What you need to measure in your business if you are serious about building wealth.
  • Five key ways that Social Media can help you grow your business
  • The number one stumbling block for most entrepreneurs and how to avoid it!

Creating Your Own Social Media Content Management Plan

Are you ready to stop wasting time on social media and start using it to make more money in your business?

Social media is a powerful set of tools that can help you find, engage and build a relationship with your customers and prospects. But, it can be a huge time suck that costs you money if it’s not done right. This ebook will help!

I’ll Share:

  • Why you need a social media content management plan
  • How to create and curate content for social media
  • How to map out your plan to get results
  • Six simple steps to create your social media content plan
  • Which tools will help you save time and how use them the right way


Expert Interviews Including:

Sue B. Zimmerman

~ Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Master of Social Media for Business

Christine Kane

~ President and founder of Uplevel YOU, Business Strategist, Consultant, and Coach

Michael J. Hughes

~ Founder of Networking for Results, Speaker, Coach, and Consultant

Peggy McColl

~ New York Times Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Mentor

Sandra Yancey

~ Founder & CEO of eWomen Network, Author, Speaker, and Philanthropist

Alexis Neely

~ Founder of Family Wealth Planning Institute, Attorney, Business Strategist

Steve Dotto

~ Professional Content Creator, YouTube Publisher and Former host and producer of Canada’s most popular computer show, Dotto Tech.

Chris Brogan

~ New York Times Best Selling Author, Advisor, and Business Strategist

Tiffany Peterson

~ Founder and President of The Lighthouse Principles, International Coach, and Speaker

Colleen Francis

~ Sales Professional, Author, and Speaker

Lynda Levick

~ COO of Suzy Shier (Popular Canadian Women’s Fashion Brand), Retail Sales Expert

Melonie Dodaro

~ International Best Selling Author, Founder of Top Dog Social Media and Canada’s #1 LinkedIn Expert

Joyce Bone

~ CEO of Bone Up on Business, Professional Coach and Business Consultant

Steve Lowell

~ Speaker, Author, and President of The Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

Give me LIFETIME ACCESS for a one time payment of $497 OR
3 equal payments of $197


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