Lisa Larter Mastermind

Ever Wondered What It’s Like to Participate in a Mastermind?

Are you hesitant to invest in a long-term Mastermind

…because you aren’t sure if it’s right for you or you can’t commit to the timeframe?

Do you ever wish you could just spend one day with a small intimate group of people who could focus on you and the needs of your business so you can experience the benefits of being in a mastermind?

Great news! This is your official invitation to a Full-Day Mastermind Event with me!

Email me if you’d like me to do a Mastermind event in your community – together we can make that happen.

Full Day Mastermind – $1,297

Seats Are Limited – These are small, intimate groups of people, limited to 8-10 attendees so that YOU get the attention and help you need with your business. You will:

  • Focus and get clarity around your business and experience some major breakthroughs.
  • Learn from Lisa and a group of like-minded buisness people who have been where you are or are focused on similar goals.
  • Get a full day of working ON your business so you don’t have to work so hard IN your business.

When Napoleon Hill wrote the book “Think and Grow Rich”, he spoke about the power of a collective mind.

When you have a team of people focused on helping you find the best solutions for you and your business, magic happens and you get propelled forward to take action and attain results you didn’t think were possible.

That is exactly what you will experience during this Mastermind.

Here are some comments from individuals who attended a Day of Mastermind already:

gile-testimonial2“Priceless! Lisa provides ‘spot on’ directives while creating the framework for participants to offer and receive advice from each other. Sometimes we need to see ourselves through the eyes of others, to truly have a breakthrough! My brand is a direct result of that day.” ~ Gile Beaudoin, Good Health is Good Looking



I loved my Mastermind day with Lisa. I Discovered so much of myself by helping others and by them helping me with my business. It was enlightening to see how completely different businesses had so much in common. It is a great place to rediscover your passion and leave with a clear vision of your next step.~ Dominique Levesque, Levesque Bridal


stacey-broder-testimonialI gained insight not only from Lisa’s depth of expertise but that of the entire group. I left with ideas and actionable steps to renew my programs and revamp my systems set-up. In fact, as a direct result of that mastermind, I had two mindset breakthroughs which had been keeping me and my business stuck for years!~ Stacey Broder, Flow Events

Here’s what to expect:

One-on-One Attention

Before we meet you will be given clear criteria to help you prepare because I want you to get the absolute most out of this experience. You will need to prepare because there will be time dedicated specifically to you and what you need in your business. This is why it is a small group – so you get the attention and focus you deserve.

All Inclusive

You can expect the Day of Masterminding to last from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and lunch will be provided for you. Aside from a notepad and pen or pencil, the only thing you need to bring is YOU (laptops and/or tablets are also encouraged)!


You will receive one followup, 60-minute coaching call with Lisa after the Day of Mastermind to support you in taking action.

Email me if you’d like me to do a Mastermind event in your community – together we can make that happen.

I’m in! I want to do this!

Zig Ziglar said, “Encouragement is the missing ingredient in most people’s lives.”

That seems to be especially true when it comes to business. Do you feel that way right now in your business?

Are you looking for encouragement and a new perspective on your business so you can make this your best year ever?

If so, A Day of Mastermind is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for YOU!

Does this sound like something that could benefit you?

There is a space waiting for you to participate in the next Day of Masterminding. All you need to do is register and show up in order to inject new vision and creativity in your business.

A Day of Masterminding is only $1,297 per person!

I look forward to spending a day with you and helping you grow your business. Hope to see you there!

Yes Please!

Just email me now with you location suggestion and together we’ll work to make a Day of Mastermind happen in your community!