Shop Talk – How to Manage Blocking on Facebook

Although I joke about this a wee bit at the start of this video, today’s topic is an important one.

It is about turning control back over to you so that Facebook becomes Your Facebook once again.

The reality is that sometimes we need to block people, or some of the intrusive things they do on Facebook. There is no shame in doing this, in fact in some cases my clients have discussed serious privacy concerns that could impact their safety when it comes to Facebook — so making sure that you know exactly how to do this is important.

I hope this week’s tips are helpful and allow you to take back control of your Facebook account so that you see more of what you like, and less of what you don’t like.


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  1. Hi, Lisa
    Loved this Shop Talk video – especially the ability to block game application requests! Yowsers! Love the people who send them, but hate the requests!

    Thanks ever so much, Lisa!

  2. Lisa,
    Thanks, I just blocked Hidden Chronicles, Lucky Slots and some other game notifications I’ve been receiving. Question, I’m starting to get a lot a friend request from people I personally don’t know at all but we are acquainted via Mastermind groups, Seminars and Conferences. Though I’d like to develop a relationship with these brilliant people, I’m finding that my feed is getting cluttered and I believe FB uses an algorithm to choose who”s info enters my feed. Bottom line, I’d like to hear more from my friends and family back home in my personal feed and least often from conversations that I have no idea what they are talking about. I have a business page also but I think that one works differently from my personal page. I’m also not as silly on my biz page, my straight forward personality comes out there. Any ideas?

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