Have you ever gone to a really big event where you listened to amazing speakers all day, and then left the event to immediately jump back into the day-to-day grind of your business without taking time to process or implement any of your learning?

Or worse, have you ever been tempted to go to a really big event, but felt intimidated by the size of the crowd and decided to stay home instead?

I’ve experienced both of these, and they were pivotal to my decision to host a Mastermind Event in Toronto coinciding with the Archangel Summit, which was started by Giovanni Marsico.

This story began in 2016…

A colleague of mine invited me to go to the Archangel Summit with her as a VIP ticket holder. There were thousands of people there that day and I was grateful to be experiencing it with someone I know, like, and trust.

While I was at the event, I was inspired by an idea to come back the following year with 15 people and experience the event together as VIPs, but with a twist. I would extend the experience into the next day by unpacking what we learned and masterminding together.  I did it the following year in 2017 and it turned out to be an amazing experience. So guess what?

I’m doing it again in 2018!


How can you join me for the weekend?

Simple. I’ve already bought you a VIP ticket so you can attend with our group and sit in our reserved section (so no one is left without a friend!). When you purchase this event experience from me, it includes:


VIP ticket to the Archangel Summit


Cocktail reception and meet and greet with the other 14 attendees the evening prior to the event so you can meet everyone


A full day of masterminding the day after the event (here is where the deep learning occurs!)


Dinner, networking and unwinding together at a super nice restaurant in Toronto after our day of Masterminding.

Book your calendars for these dates:


September 7th

Expect to arrive in Toronto in the afternoon


September 8th

Attend the Archangel Summit

(lunch and dinner are included with your VIP ticket)


September 9th

Mastermind and dinner


September 10th

Return home feeling refreshed and raring to go!

What is the cost?

Your investment to do this is $2500 + HST.

Information on where the Mastermind is being hosted will be provided after you register so you have ample time to book your own accommodations. Whether you stay at the same venue as the mastermind location, or choose to stay someplace else, is up to you!

I’m ready to Mastermind!

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