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I have attended many virtual webinars and seminars and yours was by far the best. My office felt like it was transformed into a classroom and you were there teaching and guiding me! Thank you for helping me set clear objectives and tactics for my business. I definitely would not have done so without this virtual planning day.

Tracy Noble

I was blessed to be introduced to Lisa’s Pilot Program. The support from Lisa and the others in the program is just amazing. I have learned so much from Lisa that I highly recommend that you join this program or any program that she offers. It has made a huge difference, not only in my business, but also in my life. Thank you Lisa for everything.

Patricia LeBlanc

Lisa Larter you are brilliant! I can’t thank you enough for The Sales Pilot and all of the other programs and training that you offer. I’ve been ‘working the work’ all week, going back through all the modules, and I can’t believe the positive outcomes I’ve been experiencing. You will forever be a part of my Contagiously Positive power posse 🙂

Laurie-Ann Sheldrick

I have worked with Lisa on building my business, pricing my services and publishing content that effectively communicates my value and services. Lisa helped me build a strategy and kept me accountable to do this challenging work. Since I started working with Lisa my sales have quadrupled — no exaggeration. What is most important is that she doesn’t share her advice and disappear. She continues to show up and walk you thorough each phase step by step. Working with Lisa has been a game-changer for my business. I can’t recommend her enough.

Jennifer McClanahan-Flint
Both The Pilot Project and The Content Project have helped me see where I had gaps in my business. They also helped me focus where I wanted my business go starting right now. I am now on the course I want to be with my business and have my content in line with where am going. I was able to use the services model you had the 1-to-1 and 1-to-many to really figure out what I wanted to offer and who I was offering it to. The section about keeping your eye on the bottom line made me realize that I needed to not shut off my sales funnel and that has allowed me to gain 4 new clients this month (totaling about an extra $5000 as they opted for a bigger package). I was stuck at figuring out how to offer and set up ECourses… and now I have 2 ready to go next month.

Thank you, Lisa!

Rebecca Thompson

I took part in Lisa’s mastermind group in June and it was such a valuable experience. I gained insight not only from Lisa’s depth of expertise but, that of the entire group. I left with ideas and actionable steps to renew my programs and revamp my systems set-up. The energy of the group dynamic can’t be understated; it inspired a renewed vision that has propelled me to move ahead in a new direction with confidence. In fact, as a direct result of that mastermind, I had two mindset breakthroughs that had been keeping me and my business stuck for years. Those two breakthroughs alone would have been enough to make the entire experience worth it!

Stacey Broder

It’s all about relationship!’ Lisa Larter is the first expert who showed me the ‘how’ of building real relationships with people using social media. She’s a genius and I value her equally on a personal and professional level.

Lisa Chell

At Volunteer Canada, we encourage all Canadians to get involved in their communities and we work with all types of organizations to engage today’s volunteers. Lisa works with our team as a high-skill volunteer. Her passion, dedication, and strategic counsel is instrumental in driving Volunteer Canada’s mission of strengthen citizen engagement and inspiring community involvement. Her contributions play a vital role in strengthening our organization’s capacity to advance the cause of volunteering in Canada. Thank you, Lisa!

Graham Machacek

Loving this program because it is not a passive, feel-good look at being an entrepreneur. It is roll your sleeves up, answer the really hard questions, and participate in your own success kind of work!”

Tammy Plunkett

“Lisa is an incredibly talented entrepreneur, who also has the background and experience working with large, multi-channel and multi-location businesses to set up systems and processes to get the job done. Lisa’s passion is in delivering superior service, she has incredibly high standards and can rally a team to excellence!! Lisa is a pioneer in using new media to market and drive business. I would highly recommend Lisa’s superb work to anyone.”

Jane Nugent

“If there’s one thing Lisa Larter understands, it’s BUSINESS. If there’s one thing Lisa Larter does, it’s DELIVER. Within minutes, she can hone in on the problem, map out your solution, and get you results like you never imagined. In fact, one little tip she gave me in my business resulted in $35,000 the very next week. But, that’s not the best part. The best part is that she is 100% committed to your success. When Lisa’s on your team, you become a stronger better entrepreneur. Nuff said!”

Christine Kane

“Lisa was of great support to me when I was promoted to my Regional Manager position. She helped train me, give me guidance and advice which was invaluable to me in my role. Always focussed on improvement and helping to support and lead those that reported to her.”

Michael Hofmann

I thought I already had a clear plan; but not only do I now have a much clearer vision and game plan heading into 2015, I also have a much better plan of how to finish out 2014 stronger than ever! Thanks, Lisa.

Roger Deveau

If you are looking for ‘direction with heart’ for your business, then look no further than Lisa Larter. With her ‘direction with heart’ I have experienced her Pilot Project programs. Each gave me tools, and help to grow my confidence in my business. Being a part of the Content Pilot Program, for example, in 8 weeks I created themes/topics for my eZine, and blog. I also got into the habit of creating those blogs on a weekly basis. As well, within the 8 weeks I created an eBook, published it, and also created for freebie for people to download from my website. Everyone has much to do on their plates — Lisa is aware of this and creates doable tasks for you to do, breaking it down into small chunks. I highly recommend Lisa’s Pilot Project programs to those who want help with their business.

Aime Hutton
I would like to thank you and your team for putting together The Sales Pilot. I learned a lot of valuable, actionable information that I am using to increase my success.
It was great to see some of the tactics that you use in your own business and how a lot of those concepts can be applied in various businesses.
I also enjoyed the community aspect of the program very much and got a lot from participating and role-playing to increase my skills.
I strongly recommend this program to people who want to increase their income, impact, and retain more clients. Thanks again for everything.
Steven Leconte

I trust your knowledge, your personal integrity and your passion for making a difference in the lives of others. That holds great value to me.

Louise LeBrun
When Lisa offered me the chance to participate in a Mastermind session with her and a small group of other businesswomen, I jumped at the chance. I’m so glad I did! What a tremendous experience it was. After five hours of laser-beam focus on each participant’s business I walked away with actionable items that were critical to my business. I learned:
1.) That there is strong interest in my offerings (i.e. market info);
2.) That my product should be broken up into different revenue streams;
3.) That the brand needed to revolve around me and not my product and;
4.) What my first step should be.
From a business perspective that day was transformative. I also learned a great deal while focusing on other people’s businesses. As you help others you in turn learn more about your own business. If you get a chance to participate in Lisa’s Mastermind Day, take it! You’ll be glad you did.
Doris Belland

I woke up this morning with a new fire under my butt — I haven’t been this excited with my business in years!! I haven’t really tackled the writing process yet but I’ve already started working on my book cover. Obviously, design is what I love so the writing will take a bit more get up and go, but now that I see my book cover coming to life, it’s making me want to focus on getting the content finished ASAP. Thank you, thank you, thank you Lisa Larter & all of you in PP2 for helping get back the joy I was losing. Eeeek!

Rachela Brisindi

It’s never easy starting a business – I heard about how difficult it was from many business owners but it’s impossible to know what’s truly involved until one goes through it! Being experienced in my craft was entirely different from going through the process of actually creating a business, building a working model — one that would sell. Lisa was essential in guiding me through and helping me with this process, and I couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated, patient, kind mentor — someone to learn from, and someone with incredible insight into the inner working of business, and into people, communications and different kinds of markets. Not only that, in her online materials and curriculums, she takes complicated material and breaks it down into workable chunks that are easy to understand for people at all levels of expertise. I would recommend Lisa as a mentor to anyone either starting a business or looking to grow and maintain that growth. I feel lucky to have met Lisa and to have access to her expertise with regards to business, and also simply to know her and to have her in my life.

Talya Messeri

Honestly, I was lost when it came to social media. I owned a handful of books, had read everything I could get my hands on, and enrolled in online programs by the top media professionals but I just didn’t understand the how-to. Lisa *is* the Social Media Business Expert. She delivers not only a strategy and a plan, but shows you step-by-step how to accomplish those goals. She understands people, how they learn and how to convey that information to them. Plus, she over delivers! She is truly vested in your success. We’re on our second year of working together and my rate of engagement is directly resulting in my increased profits! I can’t imagine Lisa not being part of my team!

Tonya Davidson

“A-MAZING value Lisa…I know SO many people that could benefit from this. Actually, on the flip side, I really don’t know many that couldn’t, including me!”

Stacey Prium

“Lisa spoke at our very first “Lunch & Learn” as part of Youville Centre’s Mentorship Program. The theme of the event was “Inspiration” and Lisa certainly inspired our young moms who are between the ages of 15 and 21. Lisa shared honestly and compassionately, and gave our young moms hope that they too can achieve their dreams regardless of the obstacles that are in their way. Lisa even went above and beyond and provided gifts for our girls — signed copies of the book in which she is featured with other inspiring women, called “Fearless Women”. A wonderful role model for any woman, Lisa surely made a significant impression on the young mothers of Youville Centre. We would welcome her back anytime.”

Heather Heagney

“I hired Lisa as a consultant for my business. Lisa has the amazing ability to make you re-assess your business with the end in mind. She is an entrepreneur who really thinks outside of the box and can help you bring your business to the next level! I strongly recommend Lisa if you want to grow and expend your business.”

Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp

“Lisa gave a very detailed workshop on social marketing and I came away with ideas I could implement immediately. I would work with Lisa on any project I was involved in.”

Judith Cane