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Are you looking for a system to attract more paying customers?

This program will show you how to build a strategy to grow your business in the shortest period possible — and it’s free!


Who is Lisa Larter?

I’m a high school drop out who worked my way up the corporate ladder until my entrepreneurial spirit took over in 2006. Since then, I’ve built and sold companies and generated millions of dollars in sales. I spend the bulk of my time helping others develop strategies for building profitable businesses. My clients have told me that I am a rarity because I understand business strategy, and how to leverage social media by turning connections into paying customers.



Programs designed to help business owners connect with customers online so you can build relationships, increase traffic to your business, maximize sales opportunities and create more freedom in your life.

Whether you are looking for an option to learn and be part of a community for free, want to dip your toe in and experience my style of training, or you are ready to go on a complete journey of transformation, one or all of these three options can benefit your business.

Modern Marketing Strategies

Free business training designed to help you increase sales and profits, and you get access to a great community of like-minded people in our closed Facebook group.

Online Marketing Quick Start

Everything you need to know about starting your online business, pricing your products, packages and programs, building your list and leveraging email marketing to increase sales and profits.

The Pilot Project

The Pilot Project is a ridiculously easy and effective way for you to learn how to grow your business — from understanding the fundamentals of building a business (yes the numbers too) to content creation and social media. This is the whole package.

Work With Lisa

Some of my clients call me bossy pants, others call me a really smart gal who understands business and can help them get real results. I work with business owners who are looking for strategic planning, business growth, accountability and a community of peers that they can collaborate with. Does this sound like you? Bricks and mortar, or online, doesn’t matter, I’ve done both.



I love to teach therefore I love to speak to a live audience. Some of the events I have spoken at include eWomenNetwork International Conference & Business Expo, Social Media Camp, 21st Century Book Marketing, Live Your Best Day and many other public and private events of various sizes.


Contact Me

The Lisa Larter Group

P.O. Box 583
Annapolis Royal, NS

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